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Initial Consultation Options

Choosing an architect isn’t easy.

You need the right architect who has the specific skill for your home, and you need the right ‘fit’ between you and your architect.

This may or may not be us!

But in our experience, the best way of finding out whether we are the right ‘fit’ is to fully understand what you are looking for; this is achieved through our initial design needs and options session.

If for some reason we then discover that we are not an ideal fit, then you are free to take the report to another architect for them to continue the process.

By commissioning this initial consultation, you’ll get a licensed architect’s opinion on the feasibility and possibilities of your project, and a set of next steps.

A doctor wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis; this initial consultation works the same way. We help you create a strategy designed to understand your requirements, then give you findings and recommendations to move forward.

Option 1—Free 30 minute phone consultation

Call us at 732-240-4183 or fill out and email our Contact Form (click here) and we will set up a time to speak. We ask that you send information beforehand about your project, target construction cost, and your hopes, so that the phone call is productive for you.

Option 2– Options & Needs Assessment –remodel($ 250) or new construction($350)

  1. Meeting at your site and discuss:
    • Your desires, needs and potential design solutions.
    • ‘Look and feel’ possibilities
  2. Sketch and/or document suggestions, as appropriate.
  3. Provide a report with:
    • Summary of discussion and design suggestions.
    • Flow chart diagram of project steps
  4. Schedule of services & fee proposal on next stages of project.

(This package is best for interior remodels, or simple sites where zoning restrictions, setbacks, neighbors, etc. are not an issue)

Book your Options and Needs Assessment: Click here to access the form.

Option 3– Options & Needs Assessment+ Research- Remodel ($ 450) or new construction ($550)

All items in Option 2 above, plus:

  1. Preliminary Zoning/Planning research before our meeting.
  2. Follow-up Planning Department research after we meet.
  3. Summary of Planning Department requirements and likely Zoning Issues.

(This package is the most appropriate for projects where zoning setbacks, heights, flood zone, and change of use. This includes most additions on mid to small lot sites, new construction and commercial projects)

(Note: Option 2 or Option 3 meetings outside Ocean & Monmouth County also have a $75/hour travel time)

Book your Options and Needs Assessment: Click here to access the form.